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Most people believe that tooth decay, gum disease and tooth loss are an inevitable part of growing older; but if you know how to take care of your teeth and gums you should be able to look forward to a healthy mouth, throughout your life. Thousands of dentists across the UK recommend that you follow a programme of preventive care, using the skill of the practice team and the support of Denplan Care.
For a fixed monthly sum, Denplan Care helps you budget for regular, affordable, preventive dental care, without the fear of costly and unexpected bills, including any treatment normally carried out by a general dental practice.
How does it work?
To discover what the future holds for your teeth and gums, your dentist will carry out a dental assessment that will also cover aspects of your oral health. Guided by this initial assessment your dentist will then establish your monthly Denplan Care payment. This payment will be collected monthly by direct debit by Denplan and paid to your dentist. There is also a one-off registration charge, which is equal to one month's fee, which is collected with your first monthly payment. You then enter into a straightforward continuing care contract with your dentist.
How much does it cost?
The exact amount you pay each month will be determined by your own dentist, and the condition of your oral health.
What exactly do I receive?
In return for your regular monthly payment you are entitled to regular examinations and consultations, ongoing advice, a personal preventive care programme and all the routine dental treatment, normally received from a general dental practice, needed to help you maintain a healthy smile. You also receive access to a 24 hour emergency helpline and accident cover up to £10,000 per incident, emergency treatment up to £710 per year and £60 per overnight stay in a hospital if under the care of a maxillo facial surgeon.

How can I be sure of the quality of my dental care?
Your Denplan Care member dentist and the practice team are committed to promoting an all round programme of preventive dental care. All Denplan member dentists are required to take part in the Denplan Practice Quality Programme, which helps the practice to review standards of care.

If you wish to sign up to our Denplan scheme please click on the image bellow and follow the on screen instructions.

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